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Vehicle pickup

We do offer such a service; however, it needs to be agreed upon 48 hours before vehicle pick up, and it is charged per our additional services price list.

We accept all credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, JCB, and UnionPay.

Note:  we do not accept prepaid or electron cards, travel cards, nor Visa Electron or Maestro

You pay for the rental services upon your vehicle drop off, while at the vehicle pick up the credit card is only authorized.

Authorization or deposit is a temporary reservation of funds that guarantees payment of rental services and possible added expenses. The height of the deposit depends on the vehicle category, rental period, and insurance packages.

No, sadly this is not possible.

  • Loss or theft of luggage and or personal items from the vehicle
  • Parking tickets or fines, traffic violations and such
  • Costs due to refuelling with the wrong fuel type
  • Expenses for lost, stolen or damaged car keys
  • Expenses for lost, stolen or damaged car documents
  • Expenses due to negligence – empty battery
  • Expenses due to damage to the car’s interior
  • Costs of lost equipment (spare tire, tire repair kit, bunker shelves, document etui, driver’s manual)
  • Expenses due to damage to additional equipment
  • Expenses due to car misuse
  • Expenses due to ignoring instruction for car maintenance stated in the cars service book
  • Expenses to the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Costs of car extraction from inaccessible areas (e.g. extraction from mud due to traveling outside regular road infrastructure)
  • Expenses incurred by using dirt roads
  • Expenses incurred by car racing or cars participation in sport events
  • Expenses due to overburdening the car with people or cargo
  • Damage costs caused by a person not stated in the contract as the main or additional driver
  • Costs created in cases when the main driver or additional driver stated In the rental contract does not have a valid driver’s licence or has a ban on driving motor vehicles


Other: damaged windscreen wipers or locks, loss or theft of outside parts of the vehicle without a police record, damage costs incurred by usage of roof carriers or luggage on carriers, damage caused by improper handling of luggage and or putting cargo or luggage on the roof, hood etc., as well as expenses caused by ignoring sound and visual warnings of the vehicle.

You are not obliged to take our collision damage waiver or insurance packages, however in case of an event which results in damage to the vehicle, you will be charged for the amount in accordance to the damages defined in the “Damage Matrix” document.

If you however do have insurance from another company, via your credit card or agency from which you reserved the vehicle, insurance excess is applied according to the vehicle category, since it is still not direct insurance.  At vehicle drop off we will submit to you copies of the documentation of the event that occurred (Alco test, euro report, and the police statement if we have it at that moment).

With additional insurance; you can decrease your personal responsibility in case of vehicle damages. It can be either reduced or completely removed. Insurance excess depends on the vehicle category, chosen package and the amount of days the vehicle is rented for. You can check the price of additional packages during the reservation process.

SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) is additional insurance which buys out the excess (participation in damage) done on the vehicles body.

CDW+ (Collision Damage Waiver Plus) is additional insurance which buys out a part of the excess for damages done on the vehicles body.

WUG (Wheels Undercarriage and Glass protection) is additional insurance which buys out the excess for damages done to the wheels, underside and glass.

The time for the return of the deposit to your account can last from 15 days to 4 weeks and it depends on your credit card and bank. CARWIZ rent a car does not have access to the authorized funds and cannot use them without your approval.

Yes, at pick up it should be full, and it should be dropped off full as well. If the vehicle is not returned full, the difference shall be charged to the client per the current price listing, along with a special fuel recharge fee.

If the vehicle picked up does not have a full tank, only the difference from the picked-up fuel level, and dropped off fuel level will be charged, without the added recharge fuel fee. At vehicle pick up, be certain to check the fuel level.

Yes, it can, and in such a case you do not need to return the vehicle with a full tank. The price of this service depends on the current market price of fuel, and the amount of fuel in the car.

Of course, the additional driver can be any person of legal age with a valid driver’s licence. You do however pay an additional drivers fee per our current price list.

As our customer, you have the freedom to use the vehicle inside Italy, as well as other countries. However, in the case that you plan to use our vehicle outside the borders of Italy a special fee is charged. 

All our customers have freedom of movement with their rental. However, a special fee is charged in such a case.

Our regular offer does not have a limit on the mileage done. In case of special offers the limit on the mileage is always clearly stated.

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